Pool Filling 2017
By Fire Chief Chris Plumley
May 1, 2017

Kennett Fire Company is proud to announce we will come aid in filling your pool! If you have a pool that needs to be topped off for the season, please contact our office for scheduling at 610-444-4810.

We kindly ask for a donation of $150.00 per load (3,000 gallons). Payment will be due the day of filling upon completion. Checks can be made out to Kennett Fire Company.

We will not fill brand new pools for liability purposes. Your pool must have some water already in it prior to our assistance. We ask that you roughly estimate the distance to your pool from closest hard road area.

Scheduling will revolve around the volunteer's availability, so please call us as soon as possible. Also, understand that the truck needs to have clear access to the driveway as well as the pool.

We look forward to offering this service and hearing from you!

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