Gas Leak in Kennett Borough
By Firefighter Brandon Cole
July 11, 2019

The Kennett Fire Company was dispatched for a reported gas leak in the 100 block of State street in Kennett Borough around 1615 hours. Engine 24 responded with 4 and got report of multiple calls of a gas odor inside and outside of the residences. After Engine 24 arrived crews investigated the odor. Crew found high readings at the front door from a gas leak. Crews masked up to further the investigation. Crews secured the stove while the Engine chauffeur secured a hydrant and pulled a line. After ventilation's we’re in process it was confirmed that the stove was not the issue. At this point Chief 24 had asked for a additional engine from Longwood for manpower. Crews investigated further with PECO and found a pipe that wasn’t fully connected and leaking 7% of gas into the walls. Tower 24 was set up to further investigations on the roof. Several street's were closed with the help of 23 and 25 fire police.

Chief 24 had command during this incident.

Photo credits Kennett EMT (K. Macveigh)

Avondale relocated for Kennett during the incident.

Units: Engine, Rescue, Tower Chief, Ambulance
Mutual Aid: Longwood (Engine 25-1) Avondale (relocate)