First Due Kitchen Fire
By Station 24 Watchdesk
July 18, 2021

Fire Box 2401

Minutes before the staffed companies of Longwood Fire Company & Kennett Fire Company were about to sit down to a joint dinner the pre-alert sounded for a building fire. Companies 24, 25, 36, Rescue 23, New Castle County Ladder 19 and Ladder 22 (RIT) were alerted for apartment building fire in the 100 block of South Union Street in the Borough.

Engines 24 and 25-2 both staffed made the response and assumed the first and second due engine responsibilities as Ambulance 24 arrived to a 3 story apartment building with an active kitchen fire in a apartment on division 2.

Engine 24 stretched a preconnected 1-3/4” attack line through the front door to the apartment. Crews made a quick knock while Engine 25-2 dropped a supply line and manned the back up. Rescue 24 arrived to handle first due special services and crews split with inside team for searches and outside team for ladders to all sides of the building. Engines 25-1 and 36 handled the third and fourth due engine responsibilities. Ladder 22 arrived for RIT and with being the first aerial device set up on the A side while Ladder 19 laddered the C/D sides.

Crews operated as designated per guidelines and the fire was placed under control 11 minutes after the first 9-1-1 call. All subjects safely evacuated the building without injury. Chester County Fire Marshals are handling the investigation and all companies operated just over an hour. Chief 25 had the “Union Street Command”. More pictures available on the Chester County Working Fires Facebook Page.

After getting all units back into service the crew returned to Longwood Fire Company to assist for the Longwood Gardens fireworks display.

Units: Engines 24, 25-1, 25-2, 23-1, 23-2, 36 Rescues 24, 23, 36 Ladders 22, 19 BLS Ambulance 24-1 ALS MICU 25-2, 25-60