Assist Longwood Fire Company for Reports of Smoke From the Roof
By Kennett Fire Company
December 30, 2021

At 2:46pm on Thursday, December 30th, Kennett Fire Company was dispatched to assist Longwood Fire Company on a reported building fire in the 800 block of East Baltimore Pike in East Marlborough Township with smoke coming from the roof. Kennett's Engine 24 and Tower 24 responded to the scene.

Crews arrived on the scene and investigated the reports of smoke from the roof, but no issues were found. Although this turned out to be a false alarm, a lot of effort went into the investigation to determine that there was no fire as you can see from the pictures. Firefighters put their many hours of training to work to ensure the safety of the public.

Units: Engine 24, Tower 24
Mutual Aid: Longwood Fire Company