Building Fire in East Marlborough
By Kennett Fire Company
March 23, 2023

Just after 14:00 hours on Wednesday, March 22nd, apparatus and manpower from Kennett Fire Company made the response to assist Longwood Fire Company with a building fire in the business district of East Marlborough Township. The incident was originally dispatched as a fire alarm at which time Tower 24 went responding.
The Engine and Ladder from Longwood Fire Company arrived and found the sprinkler system activated and a small fire in the kitchen. Deputy 25 then upgraded the assignment to a building fire. Tower 24 arrived and assumed the 2nd due special service assignment on the rear of the building. The main aerial was deployed to the roof and the crew was sent to investigate the vent system.
Engine and Rescue 24 along with other surrounding mutual aid then made the response to the scene due to the upgrade. Crews secured the open sprinkler head and shut down the system. The incident was placed under control and held to Kennett and Longwood units for clean up.

Units: Engine, Tower, Rescue, Fire Police