Busy Start for Friday Night's Duty Crew
By Kennett Fire Company
April 28, 2023

At 6:28pm on Friday, April 28th, Kennett Fire Company's Rescue 24 and Fire Police responded to assist Longwood Fire Company with an automobile accident in Pennsbury Township. Just after responding, a previously dispatched incident for an inside investigation in Avondale Fire Company's first-due territory was upgraded to a building fire. Deputy 25, who had arrived at the initial dispatched accident, reported no fire apparatus was required and to divert to the building fire. Kennett Fire Company’s Rescue, Tower, and Fire Police quickly made the response to the building fire in the 300 block of Scarlett Road in New Garden Township.

Chief 25 arrived at the building fire, confirmed the report of fire in the ceiling, and established Command. Tower 24 arrived and took the First Due Special assignment. Rescue 24 arrived and assumed the Second Due Engine assignment. Due to the primary hydrant within the shopping center malfunctioning, the Rescue deployed 500' of secondary supply line, reverse laying to a secondary and functioning hydrant. The crews assisted with operations in the interior of the building as well as the roof.

Kennett Fire Company was released from the scene around 8:00pm.

Units: Rescue, Tower, Fire Police