Cat Rescued from Vehicles
By Kennett Fire Company
July 21, 2023

Just after 9:00am this morning, Longwood Fire Company's Deputy 25 requested Kennett Fire Company to be dispatched to Wawa in the 500 block of W. Cypress Street in Kennett Square Borough for a cat trapped in a vehicle. While at Wawa, Deputy 25 was approached by a woman requesting assistance because she believed a cat was trapped somewhere in her car.

Kennett's Rescue 24 responded to scene. It took about 10 minutes for Deputy 25 and the crew from Rescue 24 to locate the kitten which had crawled into the undercarriage of the car. Once the cat was located, it took firefighters another 15 minutes to get him out unharmed.

This is usually where the typical cat rescue story would end, but not for this little guy. Once free from the car, the cat ran across the parking lot and jumped into the rear undercarriage area of Rescue 24, so firefighters moved their search and rescue operations to the rear of the Rescue truck. After an unsuccessful 10-minute search of the Rescue truck's wheel, suspension, and exhaust areas, the most dangerous areas the cat could possibly be in, crews decided that he was likely in a safe place and returned to the firehouse to continue their search. The cat was finally located in the Rescue and freed one and one-half hours later. He is now safe and in good hands.

Units: Rescue 24